Free country eagle

De opzet van het programma is zoveel mogelijk de country promoten.

Maar in mijn programma zit eigenlijk van alles verweven want country is het
hoofdthema maar dit heeft zoveel sub hoofden en weer sub genres dat
ik graag Americana, Blues, Alt-Country en andere verwant genres van de country aanbod laat komen.

Momenteel heb ik veel aanbod uit de States, UK en andere Europese
landen. Behalve ons eigen land, en dat doet mijn nek haren rijzen
omdat hier in muziekland country een onder geschoven wees kind is en
dat er op de grotere zenders altijd lacherig wordt gedaan t.o.v. country muziek.
Ik heb het gevoel dat zij het zien of een boertje van bûuten ben en dat is geenszins het geval.
Zij zouden zich er beter van vergewissen wat country eigenlijk inhoud en wat voor
awesome goede muziek er in dit genre op de markt komt.

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Presentatie : Rudy Minnaert
Wanneer : Elke Dinsdag van 19:00 tot 20:00
Mail :
Studio : ijzendijke


Playlist Dinsdag 16-01-2018      
Song Album Jaar Genre
01 Al Scorch – Lost At Sea Circle Round The Signs 2016 Folk & Blues
02 Amanda Cook – Liars Moon Deep Water 2017 Folk & Bluegrass
03 Nathan King – Movin On Heaven Tonight 2017 Country Americana
04 Sonia Leigh – Walking In The Moonlight Mad Hatter 2018 Country/Pop
05 Shawn Amos – Hold Hands Breaks It Down 2018 Blues
06 Andrew Scott Wills – Nashville Time Young Man Old Soul 2015 Singer/Songwriter
07 Ben & Ellen Harper – Learn It All Again Tomorrow Childhood Home 2014 Americana
08 Nathan King – Young Wild and Free Heaven Tonight 2017 Country Americana
09 Shawn Amos – Ain’t Gonna Name Names Breaks It Down 2018 Blues
10 Sonia Leigh – Dead Mans Sunrise Mad Hatter 2018 Country/Pop
11 Al Scorch – Pennsylvania Turnpike Circle Round The Signs 2016 Folk & Blues
12 Asylum Street Spankers – Funny Cigarette Spanks For The Memories 1996 Folk
13 Carrie Cunningham – No Refunds No Returns Secrets 2017 Country Americana
14 Charlie Pickett – Marlboro Country Bar Band Americanus 2008 Rock

Nathan King

Nathan King, a native of West Virginia, displayed a passion for music at an early age, and has spent many years traveling the country and performing.

Being self taught in the arts of guitar, bass, drums, banjo, keyboard and vocals has helped Nathan King create his music from every aspect. Having tackled the world of hard rock and heavy metal, Nathan decided to go back to his small town roots, where the simple things hold all the best memories that anyone could ask for. The result is incredible, and the new album “Heaven Tonight” is sure to please country music lovers everywhere.

Nathan considers himself a man of great values, and has a strong faith in Christ. His testimony reflects finding a relationship with Jesus in his teens, and has traveled around speaking to different youth groups and events… while his music is more life based, he still holds true to his beliefs and loves to talk about it with those who will listen.

Guns, God, and Country.


The Reverend Shawn Amos

The Reverend Shawn Amos is a Los Angeles-based, chart-topping

bluesman ready to turn any venue into a 1960s’ Chicago blues

club. His foot-stomping, harp-wailing performances, like tent

revivals of yore, energize the faithful, and convert the wayward

to the Rev’s message of booty-shakin’, deeply joyful blues.

The Rev came up in 1970s Los Angeles, at the feet of musical

legends like Marvin Gaye and Quincy Jones, as well as all manner

of Hollywood street folk. The son of music agent-turned

entrepreneur, Wally “Famous” Amos, and R&B nightclub singer,

Shirlee May, Shawn found music early, and has worked within it his

entire adult life. His rich career as a producer includes overseeing

new music and retrospectives from R&B blues legends Solomon

Burke, John Lee Hooker, and Johnny “Guitar” Watson, and scores

of other legacy acts.


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